Most Z-series bikes are small, light, collapsible motorcycles made for convenience and ease of transportation. Their outstanding feature is a 50cm³ 4-stroke-engine with an over head camshaft. Some have a centrifugal clutch and three gear manual transmission, while others have a 3-speed semi-automatic easy-shift transmission for learners.
1969 Honda Z50
Honda Z50 Series (1968-1982)
  • Blaze Red
  • Bright Yellow / Ivory White
  • Bright Yellow / Special Metallic Silver
  • Candy Blue / Ivory White
  • Candy Blue / Special Metallic Silver
  • Candy Gold
  • Candy Orange
  • Scarlet Red / Ivory White
  • Candy Red / Special Metallic Silver
  • Candy Ruby Red
  • Candy Ruby Red / Ivory White
  • Candy Sapphire Blue
  • Candy Sapphire Blue / Ivory White

  • Candy Topaz Orange
  • Hawaiian Metallic Blue
  • Light Ruby Red
  • Mexican Yellow / Ivory White
  • Parakeet Yellow
  • Tahitian Red

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