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Additional Requirements:
Activator (SR-725)

Order No. US-422
Type: Urethane Primer

Available Sizes:
U.S  1/2 Pint   - 8oz.
U.S.  Pint       - 16oz.
U.S. Quart     - 32oz.

Mixed Ratio:
4 parts Primer
1 part  Activator

Order No. 2-PC
Type: Urethane Epoxy Primer

Available Sizes:
12 oz. Aerosol

Mixed Ratio:
See Instruction

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Our Urethane Primer Fillers are designed to provide high build combined with an exceptionally free sanding film without shrinkage or sand scratch
Gray Primer
Code No. US-422
Urethane Primer
2-Part Aerosol Container
"Pop" Red Button to Release Hardener
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