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Additional Requirements:
Hardener  (H-54) Included

Order No. UC-960
Type: Urethane Clear (includes hardener)

Available Sizes:
U.S  1/2 Pint - 8oz.
U.S.  Pint - 16oz.
U.S. Quart - 32oz.

Mixed Ratio:
4 parts Clear
1 part  Hardener

Order No. 2K-960
Type: Urethane Clear

Available Sizes:
12 oz. Aerosol

Mixed Ratio:
See Instruction

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Our Urethane Clearcoats are used as over basecoats, midcoats for the applications of our candy and ChromaBase products. Clears will provide an amazing deep metallic long lasting finish with professional results. If your looking for Spray Gun application or all new Spray Can coverage, our clearcoat will produce a professional high gloss deep chemical resistant finish. 
High Gloss Clear
Code No. UC960
Urethane Clear
2-Part Aerosol Container
"Pop" Red Button to Release Hardener
      H a r l e y - D a v i d s o n              I n d i a n             H o n d a            K a w a s a k i           Y a m a h a            N o r t o n            T r i u m p h            S u z u k i
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